In our fast-paced world, the place itself is less important in determining where we view our home to be, rather it is down to how we feel when we are there. Our country is our home, our childhood house is our home, the apartment we began a new life in is our home, and so is Earth as a whole.

Everyone needs a sanctuary, and to protect this centre of tranquillity, if they live their lives in an environmentally conscious and, even more importantly, a health conscious way. After all, we do protect our homes from burglars, we use sunscreen not to get sunburn, we put up lightning rods and baby-proof the drawer with the knives in it. We tend to think we have done all we could, but the electrosmog is there, lurking all around us at all times, inside our homes where we spend most of our time. All over the world a simplistic, practical home design is trending. Furniture that saves time and effort for housewives, is easier to use and is made using less resources, which also makes it less pricey.

Remote control provides us with comfort in all areas of lives. But we use Bluetooth for music, our thermometers use ultrasound, we use a microwave to warm our dinner, WiFi to connect to the Internet and even baby monitors use infrared technology to communicate. We don’t even notice, but low and high frequency radiation surrounds and affects us in the form of electrosmog.

  • Electrosmog

    Electrosmog is what we collectively call the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, which are a by-product of ever-increasing technological advancement.
  • Building Biology Assessment

    We need to conduct measurement in these spaces to filter out these force fields and assess the risks.
  • Certificates

Protactive Field

With the help of long years of research and the advice of experts in the field we have created a protective system.


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